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my face, all the time

guys… I’ve kinda, sorta moved
you can find me at howl-likewolves 
if you want to
if not that’s cool too


my face, all the time

guys… I’ve kinda, sorta moved

you can find me at howl-likewolves 

if you want to

if not that’s cool too – Dan Harmon asked to return to Community!




Daaaaang, that’d be awesome. (Does Jeff wake up at the start of episode one and the last season was a dream? Kidding!) (I mean, granted we should wait for more substantive, legitimate word, but that’s awesome.)

Is this official?

if this is legit I may cry, like I seriously just teared up a bit at the thought of it

hell I’d rethink being an atheist because maybe there is a god

I just really want Dan back okay guys

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The Community Cast reacting about the show’s renewal

I may be at odds with the show right now, but I will never stop loving these guys!

Ehh what the hell. Season five?


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We’ll likely find out if this is the end for the show or not tomorrow, and I never thought I would say this, but I just don’t care anymore. I’ll watch a fifth season if it happens (and I oddly think it would be better than this season was because everybody will be in more command of what works and doesn’t work about the show), but this is no longer a show that’s capable of much beyond repeating elements it thinks the audience will like over and over again. It’s become a jukebox musical version of itself, endlessly spinning its greatest hits to a crowd that grows smaller and smaller until it finally disappears. Even yesterday, I would have been sad at a cancellation, thanks to all of the good times I’ve had with this show over the years and even in this season. But not anymore. It might be time to be done. The earth, it has been salted.

Todd VanDerWerff, “Advanced Introduction to Finality,” AV Club 

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Advanced Introduction to Finality

I hate to say it, but I totally agree with this… I’m rewatching season 1 to cope.

The thing is, this season has felt forced and I love that Todd points out how the show has lost its underlying heartfelt moments. Because as much as I loved the crazy episodes, I loved the moments that gave me all the feels.

It’s not a ‘I’m going to hate the show if Dan’s not around’ thing. It’s a ‘the show’s just trying to hard, but not in a good way’ thing.

I really want to have liked this season, and with a good final I could have gotten there. But not with this. And it sucks.

And it sucks even more because this is potentially last episode ever.

ookamirose asked
I'm actually glad you posted it, I really want to knock some sense into the fans. We should be stronger than just falling apart whenever things change; we've always been stronger than this before. And yes, it may be wishful thinking, but this show is amazing and deserves our continued dedication, not us lashing out because we didn't get what we wanted...

Oh good haha. 

I completely agree, we’re more than this.

Anonymous asked
I agree with some of your points but I think you are putting too much weight into the 10-20 fans who hassle Andy on twitter. There are literally thousands of shippers, and even more general fans still involved in fandom. Don't let a few bad eggs ruin the whole thing for you.

I was mostly using that as an example to demonstrate what I was talking about. It’s been all over my dash for weeks. I guess that was just the snapping point.

But I absolutely see where you’re coming from. I’m sure there are plenty who are still massive fans of the show, with unconditional love. I wasn’t trying to put a label on the whole fandom (sorry if it came across like that). 

It’s not ruined for me either, I still love the show, the writes, it’s creator and the actors. I think the whole blogging aspect is a little gone for me though. I just keep reading so much negativity, and that more than anything is getting me down about it.

ookamirose asked
I gotta say that I really agree with your post. Anyone who decides to abandon ship for this show because Dan's gone or any other reason just makes me really disappointed. We've fought to save it this long, we need to keep on fighting. Together. As a community. That's the example that this precious show has set for us. I really just wish that people would get over it and learn to still love the show no matter what :c They're still our babies; our show. Our Community.

Thanks for writing this, it really made me feel better because I didn’t know if I was just being harsh. It makes me really sad, as soon as I went on Andy’s twitter I was shocked at the behaviour of the fans. We’ve always fought so hard. I feel like Abed in Anthro 101 when he says to Jeff that, “In life we have this, we have you.” That moment always got me. It was really sad. And that’s this. In real life we have this. I’ll always want more Community. Harmon or not. It’s still 100% better than most of the shows on tv.

I hope you don’t mind that I’ve published this. I think people should agree with you. I do.

This has taken me a little while to realise…but this fandom has turned to shit.

Admittedly I haven’t been around much lately…work/life has made me busy. But this fandom is being ridiculously stupid.

Of course it was going to be different without Dan. But Megan and Andy along with the rest of the writers have obviously worked hard to give us a good season and people seem to be outright abusing them.

This isn’t a fandom that seems to want to fight for our show anymore. Mostly we seem to want to fight with each other, and the people who work hard to make the show.

It’s awful. And kind of pathetic.

I just caught up on the whole Jeff/Annie/Andy’s Twitter account shit storm, and I totally understand why he reacted the way he did. He’s always loved the fans and wanted to interact with them…and we threw that back in his face. I saw a tweet where he alluded (I don’t want to put words in someone else’s mouth, or should I say tweet) that he may not come back if we did get a season 5 (seems unlikely). I really don’t blame him. 

Anyway, I’m probably being a bit controversial now so I’ll stop. 

It’s just really sad. The Community fandom always felt like a community, an easy friendship, people who deserved the show they spent so much time obsessing over. Now we don’t.

So unfollow me, disagree, send me an abusive message. I’d prefer it if you didn’t, but I’m afraid that’s the reaction I’ll get.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with my blog. I just feel disheartened, plus I don’t know if I really have the time to maintain it properly.

To anyone that still is that obsessive fan that loves the show unconditionally. Hi. I still love it too. Thanks to the entire writing/production team who worked so hard and to the actors for playing my favourite characters.

I miss what this used to be.