Excuse me for being the only married woman in our group, full of horny toads, who sit around all night just making googly eyes at each other!

For those of you going, wtf we didn’t get nominated? We actually did, for outstanding writing in a comedy series…

Seeing as the Big Bang Theory got a shitload more nominations than us, my gif might be a little overboard…

However, I don’t care.

Congratulations Chris McKenna for your nomination for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series, for Remedial Chaos Theory!

DAY TWENTY-TWO: A Scene That Made You Happy

As usual there are many answers to this…

First off: Cooperative Calligraphy

This entire episode made me ridiculously happy. It was the first Community episode I ever saw and I instantly loved the show.

Secondly: Remedial Chaos Theory

I love Community and it always makes me happy but occasionally there are these moments that just make you feel like you might explode with happiness and when Jeff walks in to find them all dancing to Roxanne I thought I might spontaneously combust at any moment.

And last but not least: Course Listing Unavailable

The scene when the group is sitting around the table at Trobed gives me all the warm and fuzzies. They’re all in some sort of denial and shock, and then they realise that despite of what just happened they have each other and suddenly it’s like everything will be okay. It’s the perfect timeline, how can that not make you happy?