DAY 30: Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Ughh I’ve been putting this off for days because I didn’t know what to do… so I’ve come up with this. It’s random, I know. 

Also I think you should listen to this:


I can’t do a Community challenge without dedicating something to the crazy, wonderful genius that created Community. I have so much respect for him and I’m in awe of his brain (seriously, the guy’s a fucking genius - and I know I say that ALL the time, but that’s because it’s true).

So I am going to link to this post because it’s the best way I could say thanks.

Secondly: Gifs of Community outtakes? I think so.

Thirdly: A quick thank you…

When I first made my tumblr into a Community blog I had about 20 followers. I did it so I could obsess about Community online and maybe not annoy my family and friends so much. This blog has become bigger than I ever imagined it would be, and in a few short months I’ve gained over 100 followers. Not to mention I’ve met some really awesome people who love Community as much as I do.

Community has the best fandom in the history of fandoms and it’s amazing to be a part of that. So to all those who hit that follow button so you could be spammed with my obsession: THANKS!

Finally: The final ramble…

While I will miss the previous era of Community I am genuinely looking forward to season 4. And I can’t wait to see Dan’s new projects. This 30 day challenge has been fun and uhhh challenging? 

Anyways I just made a bunch of those gifs above (not all of them) and stayed up much later than intended (typical). Now I’m tired and I have work in 9 hours so it would probably be a good time to go get some sleep.

I’ll leave you with gifs… because there’s nothing I enjoy more than a good Community gif.

DAY TWENTY-NINE: What Your Overall Opinion Was of Season One

Ummm awesome, obviously, in fact I think that goes without saying.

My first impression of Community was Cooperative Calligraphy so I guess I didn’t get that gradual change from a normal show to the insane yet wonderful thing that Community is.

So the first thing that I noticed when I watched the Pilot was that it was a lot different to season two but I still really enjoyed it. And it didn’t take long for the show to transform.

I thought season one was innovative and it was great to see these people who weren’t friends slowly form bonds. And of course there were great episodes like Modern Warfare and Contemporary American Poultry.

Communications Studies was an absolute highlight for me. As was Comparative Religion and Pascals Triangle Revisited.

I guess I’ll always see season one as the foundations for Community as we know it now and I love that. I mean I love everything about Community, so it’s hard to come up with something other than, “Well, I thought it was awesome DUH DOY!” There’s only so many adjectives you can use to mean really fucking great.

So on that note, my answer is: I thought season one was awesome, duh doy.

DAY TWENTY-EIGHT: What You Want For Season Four

To be honest, as long as Community keeps being Community I don’t mind what they do. The show is amazing as it is, otherwise I wouldn’t dedicate this much time to blogging about it. I’m not a ‘fandom’ person, or I wasn’t before Community and then I started watching it and it really just blew me away. It’s so different from anything else on TV and the cast is so wonderful, and it has an amazing creator and writing staff. The creativity really captures you and I just started obsessing over the show and I’m 99% sure that I was pissing off everyone I knew so I decided to convert my existing tumblr into a Community blog. 

It’s going to sound weird but that’s the best decision I could have made. Because not only did I stop annoying everyone (apart from my best friend, she still has to deal with it) but I started to realise a lot of things about myself, just from being so involved in this show. One of those things is that I am actually really passionate about TV and the industry and it’s something I’d love to be involved in one day - and I think I’ve always known it but I tended to ignore it because I had all these other ideas about what I should do. Community gave me that, it made me go, “OH HEY! HERE LOOK YOU IDIOT - STOP DENYING THAT THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!” So in September I start at a new university studying communications and majoring in film and television and if it weren’t for this little TV show, I would have insisted on becoming a lawyer/whatever the fuck it was I was trying to achieve. And if you knew me, you’d know how crazy it is that I let myself admit that. You never know, I might change my mind again but at least these days I’m more interested in doing what I want. 

Uhhh what was the point I’m trying to make?

Oh yeah, so basically Community could be entirely set on a deserted island next season and I wouldn’t mind as long as it was in typical Greendale fashion. Let’s just be clear though; I’d prefer it if it wasn’t set on a deserted island.

So now that we’ve established that I don’t really mind, it would be cool (cool, cool, cool) to see some of the following in season four:

  • Jeff/Annie: I’d like to see them together, or it dealt with in some way because they can’t just keep ignoring/avoiding it
  • A Scooby-Doo themed halloween episode: I know this was an idea that Dan had and I’d love to see it followed through, the idea has classic Greendale written all over it (plus Scooby-Doo, along with Tom and Jerry, was my favourite cartoon growing up)
  • Group dinner at Morty’s steakhouse on graduation - character arc coming full circle anyone?
  • I’m looking forward to the ‘Jeff’s dad’ storyline
  • A group vacation/road trip/something because I suspect hilarity would ensue
  • More Troy and Abed in the morning… always
  • More musical numbers and the standard Troy/Abed rap

Yeah I guess that’s it for my ‘wish list’ because let’s face it, I’m not the ideas guy around here, thats why people like Megan and Andy are around.

Mostly, if this is the last 13 episodes of Community, I want a proper ending. I want closure and a conclusion. I just hope that if we get cancelled we get that much. 

SO…Now that I’ve rambled and wasted your time I’m going to go watch the Comic-Con panel footage and continue obsessing over the fact that Donald is performing at BDO.

Edison Out! (What? It came up organically…)

DAY TWENTY-SIX: Something That Didn’t Happen That You Wish Did

Technically that didn’t happen and it needs to OKAY?!

Also: There needs to be Scoopy-Doo themed Halloween episode or I might die,

and I’m really drunk right now…

Have a good night peeps (I know I will)

DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Something That Happened That You Wish Didn’t

Dan Harmon getting fired. Chris McKenna leaving. The Russo brothers leaving. Dino Stamatopoulos leaving. Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan leaving. Basically everyone leaving. I still wish that hadn’t happened. Yes I have faith in those who stayed for season four. But let’s be honest, if we could have all those people back or even half of them it would be fucking awesome.

DAY TWENTY-THREE: A Scene That Made You Cry

The end montage in Introduction to Finality.

They were happy tears.

And sad tears.

When I first watched the episode it hadn’t been announced that Dan had been fired but that whole scene gave me this sense that something was going to change. I guess I was right. Every now and then it sinks in that Dan really won’t be back. That final montage was it. 

…Yeah, I’m still not over it.

For me Dan Harmon’s Community will forever be immortalised in that scene, which is something I find wonderful yet rather heartbreaking. 

DAY TWENTY-TWO: A Scene That Made You Happy

As usual there are many answers to this…

First off: Cooperative Calligraphy

This entire episode made me ridiculously happy. It was the first Community episode I ever saw and I instantly loved the show.

Secondly: Remedial Chaos Theory

I love Community and it always makes me happy but occasionally there are these moments that just make you feel like you might explode with happiness and when Jeff walks in to find them all dancing to Roxanne I thought I might spontaneously combust at any moment.

And last but not least: Course Listing Unavailable

The scene when the group is sitting around the table at Trobed gives me all the warm and fuzzies. They’re all in some sort of denial and shock, and then they realise that despite of what just happened they have each other and suddenly it’s like everything will be okay. It’s the perfect timeline, how can that not make you happy?

DAY EIGHTEEN: Least Favourite Ship

Uhh, I don’t know. I’m not really one of those people who go, “Oh, I ship this couple… SO NO OTHER COUPLES CAN EXIST!” For me the most important thing is the show as a whole and the characters and their relationships with everyone.

I guess if I had to pick one I’d say Annie and Abed and it’s not because I’m a Jeff/Annie shipper, it’s because their main ‘romantic’ interactions are when Abed is playing a character. You can’t really have a relationship where one person involved is pretending to be a different person the whole time. Plus I also think that Annie needs someone who is going to eliminate her self-doubt. As in reassure her. Abed, being Abed, can’t do that because he sees things in black and white and self-doubt or insecurity is more complicated than that. And Abed needs someone who can completely accept him in a way that requires a certain amount of selflessness. That’s why Troy and Abed are such good friends, because Troy is able to do that. Annie is slightly too self-absorbed to do that and I think she’d try to ‘fix’ Abed to a certain degree. He doesn’t need fixing, he’s Abed.

I don’t mean any of these things as a criticism of the characters, I like these things about them.

And I think Annie and Abed are fantastic together as friends. And Troy, Abed and Annie as flatmates is the greatest thing ever.

Wow for something I didn’t have an opinion about before I started this, I gave a really long answer. I don’t even know, I think what I wrote is mostly dribble. It’s late, I’m tired. Sorry if you’re an Annie/Abed shipper, please continue shipping now.

DAY SEVENTEEN: Favourite Ship

Jeff and Annie.

They’re wrong for each other and perfect for each other at the same time. She makes him better and he makes her sure of herself. They want to win too much and are stubborn and cunning. He’s a jerk and she’s tightly wound. They both have determination but use it in different ways. They’d do anything to keep the people they love together and would do anything for them.

But most importantly Jeff and Annie have seen each other at their absolute worst, helped each other through it and accepted the other for who they are.

Jeff and Annie aren’t opposites. They’re equals. 

DAY SIXTEEN: Favourite Dean Pelton Moment

So many! In fact probably too many but I will present them to you in gifs…

Also can I take this moment to point out that Jim Rash is a god. 

"I did it. I am a good Dean…I AM A GOOD DEAN!"

(Source: remedialchaos-theory)

DAY FIFTEEN: Favourite Señor Chang Moment

SPANISH 101: EL TIGRE… My life will be complete if I get to say “Cause my knowledge will bite her fact off” to someone

(Source: remedialchaos-theory)